Saturday, November 29, 2008

dollhouse walls

I've always loved dollhouses and when I saw in the Fall issue of Small magazine a dollhouse that was just walls I knew I could try to make something similar but with an antique look to it.

I decided to use books and looked for old books that had interesting inside covers. I found many at Mackey Blue so I will be constructing one for the boy as well with images of motorcycles and maps. This one here is not really finished because I am still working on figuring out which glue to use so the inside spine does not show but, I was so smitten with my idea I didn't want to wait for show and tell.

So basically, all you do is find old books with interesting papers on the inside ( or you could use the outside of a hardcover as well if you fancy the look of it) and this is the hard part make sure you don't feel any deep love or interest for the books because you will be ripping them apart. Tear 2 or 3 pages at a time until you have ripped out all the pages in the whole book (don't worry the initial shock and guilt will leave you after the first 5 or so tears) and then figure how many walls you want. I used 2 books for a total of 4 walls for these. Then glue ( or not) the inside covers together against the spine leaving them in a bent position and line them against the next book.

Add some dollhouse furniture, people, a miniature tea set, some art for the walls ...voila!


kristi said...

i wonder if this would work on a larger scale? i am trying to think of a really creative way to divide our son's bed from the computer (they are unfortunately in the same area). this idea gets me thinking about how maybe i could build a big wall out of old book the size of an old door. and thread them together? i wonder if this would be stable.

amy said...

i love this idea. i have lots of books i could use, too.