Thursday, November 20, 2008


These dollies are now all sewn up which is good because not much crafting is getting done this week. The kids are sick, I am sick and well I'm about 200 yards into knitting a new sweater (I'll show you soon) and have some intentions to embroider tonight but we will see how long I last before I pass out. Every time I go up to the craft room I sort of start a bunch of things and feel like I'm spinning with all my ideas and not enough focus to actually do it. Then there is the mix of making to sell and making for myself confusing me all the time. I did however trace and cut out a pattern for a new dress for Ms. S. Somehow, making clothes for my little girl is one of the most satisfying things. I like the process from beginning to end-the piecing, the ironing, the sewing, the final reward. But, it will have to wait because the couch is calling my name right now and a little sweet something else I'm planning to make for her.

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carrie said...

i feel the same way--always in the middle of something and rarely finishing anything. can't wait to see your dress for the little lady.