Sunday, November 2, 2008

button jar

Halloween was so much fun this year. The kids were bears. Little M was set on being a Polar Bear (he decided months ago) and Ms. S was a little brown bear. Little M really got Halloween this year and loved the kids with scary masks and trick or treating which I think is much more fun in the suburbs going from house to house.

We also took a drive to my parents yesterday and us girls had a tea party. My relatives own a antique/tea house in Avon, NJ and this is our second three generation tea party we have had. It's so much fun. The boys had some time at the beach.

I also managed a quick trip to an antique store in Pt. Pleasant and I was on a mission for buttons (not that I didn't want to stay and look for a bunch of other items on my list and poke around but my time was limited) and so I found my jar and a couple of rhinestones ones and some with the initial 'S' which is just perfect for you know who. Above is some of the loot.

And, I'm not the only one around here with a love of buttons. That's my boys arm there behind the jar.

Did you all have a nice Halloween? Are you all thrown by the time difference? It's hard to deal with the dark so early and then the babies/kids get all confused.


carrie said...

oohh i love the time difference--it means i'm not driving to work in total darkness. the buttons look amazing and your tea party sounds sweet!

Jenn Maruska said...

A jar full of mysterious buttons is so much fun! : )