Friday, May 8, 2009

hello may

images from the garden

hello may!

the sun is shining today, thank goodness!
it has been raining all week and this one has been a doozy. i am so tired.
i am more then happy to start the weekend today and mick is home to help with the kiddos.
this afternoon we will be heading to the plant sale to get more veggies, herbs and flowers.
soon all will be planted and we can sit back and relax and enjoy it. oh, there will still be work but, you know what i mean.
there are teeny tiny currants now and next month we will be drowning in strawberries.
i really want to put in a patio in the backyard and get some amazing lawn chairs and a grill but we will see.
first we really need to get a new income coming in since mick's job is ending at the end of the month. goodness!

have a great weekend and for all the mom's a happy mother's day!


Denise said...

Hi Nancy, what are the plants in the second picture? I am lucky enough to have a small backyard garden here in Hoboken, but it is a shady backyard, lots of green but not a lot of flowers. We have patio furniture even!

sew nancy said...

a backyard garden in hoboken is a treasure
the second picture is a foxglove which is a biennial that likes part shade so maybe it would work for you.
it is my favorite flower in the garden right now. i love the structure of the plant and the dimension it adds to the garden.

Amelia Plum said...

Hey Nancy, the plants look beautiful. I love pansies, they're so cute and happy looking. Hopefully you already know this but the foxglove is very poisonous, they use the poison to make digitalis a heart medicine. I just mention it because it is beautiful structurally and when children hear the name they like to stick fingers in and make 'gloves' of their own but they can get poisoned just touching the flower and then putting their hand to their mouth. Hopefully this is old news to you but whenever I see toxic plants at kids houses my anxiety goes into overdrive. Foxglove, oleander and deadly nightshade are the ones that send me into a tizzy. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and Mick that he's able to find something new soon.

sew nancy said...

I had not idea.
I will be careful to watch them around it