Monday, September 14, 2009

back to school

M went back to preschool this morning.
I think he was pretty excited.
He got to wear his new clothes and sneakers
and his new backpack I made for him on Friday night.
That would be a patch on the pocket with trucks. Oh, how he loves trucks.

Okay, so of course, when he got to school he wanted to switch back to his old bag but, I am not worried.
I think he just needs time. After all he did ask to wear his new pajamas the past 2 nights.

This little boy is one brave one. He suffered a yucky cut to his head after falling last Wednesday while doing his 'crazy' dance and smashing it on the side of the television cabinet. He has 4 staples in his head which will come out tomorrow. Poor little M. I have to say he didn't seem phased by it although I was a bit traumatized.

P.S. Tuesday update: He asked to use the backpack this morning


Elizabeth said...

Really cute backpack! Cute little guy too!! Hope he has fun at school:)

amy said...

So cute! I am glad he is feeling better!