Thursday, September 3, 2009

seeing double

My sister in law (Hi L) told me this would happen.

These two want to do everything together. They take drinks from their cups at the same time, for the same length of time and with their heads tilted back cups thrown in the air.
They yell together, jump together, run around the house like maniacs together. They mimic each other all day long. And while this is cute and all and we waited for them to become best friends you know it can also be a bit well... let's just say a bit crazy too.

Here they model the Bedtime Story Pajamas from Oliver and S with a twist.
A twist?
I am pretty sure I screwed up these pajamas at the neckline as they are loose there. I kind of knew I was doing this but sort of fudged my way through the directions. Oops. They are still wearable. This is an easy pattern so I'll blame my over tiredness these days. Okay, I will have to do these again and work through it right.

Oh, and the boy refused to wear them to sleep last night. Can you believe that? After all my hard work. Doesn't he know this is incredibly soft homespun cotton tartan? I mean these are cool even if they don't have trucks or whatever on them. Won't you please tell him how cute he looks in them? Maybe you can convince him.....

Yes, I changed the photos. I thought these were funnier

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Jane said...

Adorable. Both little ones. And their pjs are fab, too. He'll appreciate you when he's older, auntie!