Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the secret garden

I love when the black eyed susans and echinacea drop their petals and just the black middles are left.
I love all the tiny queen anne's lace(?) that pops out to compliment this. I love the fuschia cosmos, the still blooming zinnia and of course the dahlias and so much more.

My back garden is not quite enchanting like the one in the story but still it has it's beauty even with the weeds (ahem)...

I like to bring flowers in and place them in old glass jars.

Did I mention that Autumn is my favorite of all the seasons? Happy Fall everyone.


Amelia Plum said...

my favorite season too, although it's currently hot and muggy here. i love dahlias, they're such bold, heady flowers. and as for weeds, that's the bulk of my front and back yard so don't worry i'm sure your place looks lovely

Elizabeth said...

I just read in the paper that Fall by far is everyone's favorite month when the did a poll. Hey what's not to love :) Plus my birthday is in the fall, so it is even more special for me.