Thursday, June 24, 2010

neutrals with pops of color lap quilt

I finished this quilt top Tuesday night and it feels major to me. I don't know how long ago I started this but it was in the beginning stages for awhile. I thought if I put it on the floor and vowed not to take it off until I finished piecing it then maybe it would get done faster and it did- a month, 2 months? I'm not fond of all the cutting which is what slows me down perhaps because I do it on the floor which is pretty bad on my back. Someday my husband and I plan to build a worktable for me because carting the stuff up and down 2 flights to the dining room doesn't appeal either and I like to attempt to keep my mess in one location- my studio.

So, this quilt top is destined to be a lap quilt for me. I laid it out on a twin bed and it's a tad small but could also work as a nice blanket on one to give you the idea of the size.

The concept behind this quilt came sometime after I made a tote bag back in September 2008. Here is the bag.

I used some of the same fabrics and basically the same concept though I think one polka dot square may have worked it's way in there. There is a lot of really amazing fabrics in here and I'm looking forward to it being all done but, for now it's really nice to have it off the floor and in this stage. Hooray for a finished quilt top.


Amy said...

Nancy, I love this quilt stop!

rebekka said...

I love the idea of a lap quilt. It seems so do-able! Yours is GORGEOUS!

melissa said...

so pretty!
yes- bring on the worktable...