Tuesday, June 22, 2010

#2 - yellow linen skirt

This skirt is part of my outfits based on a watercolor/collage series. It is made with a medium weight yellow linen with a muslin lining and I used an Oliver & S pattern to construct it. It is a size 3. Every time I work with linen I am reminded how much I love this material.
I'm having so much fun looking through my patterns both new and vintage ones to piece together this series and planning out which ones to use. I'm hoping to use only materials I have on hand for this project but, I may have to buy one yard for the top to go with this skirt as I don't seem to have the right shade.

I'm hoping to talk a little here about the garden soon and also another project I've been working on.
I hope everyone had a great start to summer yesterday. We went to the library and got started on our mobiles for the reading program and went to the pool. I randomly picked books for S and was pleasantly surprised with this book that I had no idea about. I love when that happens.

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kristi said...

i would love a skirt exactly this color. it's one of my favorites.