Saturday, June 5, 2010

dress-up wings

As soon as I saw the pattern for dress-up wings I pushed all my projects (and I've got a lot going on) aside to make some last night. I made one pair but have a few more cut out.

S picked out her outfit this morning and a little while later I brought down the wings which she immediately took to which was nice.

The pattern is by Tiny Happy whose blog I read faithfully and is also a reader of mine. Hi Melissa!
I love the pattern. I especially love it in the yellow floral she used.

Update: This pattern is also great for boys and works just as well on my 4 year old son.


Dacia said...

so cute!!

melissa said...

hi nancy! i can't tell you happy this makes me. your little S is so cute!
and i'm happy they work on your son too :)