Thursday, June 10, 2010

#1 outfit based on a watercolor/collage

I've been wanting to work on collection of girl's outfits based on a painting. Because I want to remain a little mysterious at this point I'm not going to reveal which artist or piece but it's a good one.

This dress is the first in the series and I used a pattern from 1973 and it's a size 3. What is sort of fun about this is this is the year the artist died and it's also the year a certain someone was 3 and would have worn this size. The pattern is McCall's 3501 and it will be used a few times.

It is made of orange linen in a medium weight and it came together just the way I hoped it would. I love the pinafore ruffle style on the bodice and the wide sash that ties in a bow in the back. I think maybe a little starch on the bow to make it nice and stiff would be good.

This project may take a while as there a lot of outfits but, I'm really happy to have started on it. My model woke up with the birds this morning so I wasn't going to attempt a modeling session.


Jenn said...

OMG! Gorgeous! I can't wait to see more and find out about this mysterious painting!

Elizabeth said...

Love linen, and for children's clothing especially. Very pretty color, I bet it looks cute on her.

Anonymous said...

Wow nancy, i want this dress in my size! Love it, so cute!!! xx Barbara

savvy stitch said...

This is so incredibly cute!