Friday, June 18, 2010


At some point last week I decided I wanted to make pinwheels. I had some pretty paper on hand and have been really interested in doing more paper crafts lately. This one was really easy. They take about 10 minutes to make and they are simple sweet fun and also great summer decor for a party. A little fiddling around with the wire and they do spin nicely.

After procuring the rest of the supplies which were wire, small wood beads and wood dowels I was ready to go and 5 pinwheels were born last night. One for each of us and an extra. I have one more dowel that is destined to be a wand. Someone's wand broke and she really needs a new one.

Any fun plans for the weekend? Ours include the town pool opening and a big family celebration with lots of little cousins running around together and big people chatting and chasing after them.


thefabledneedle (jen) said...

i love them, how fun! they always make me think of childhood. i bet these would make great party favors!

Amelia Plum said...

girl! you are like a compulsive crafter. i think you should open up your own shop. very cute pinwheels

melissa said...

very very sweet. they would look so great at a kid's party as decorations!