Sunday, July 11, 2010

far far away dress

I wish I had takes some photos of my booth yesterday. It looked really sweet and I picked just the right amount of inventory for the space I had which was nice and it had a good cohesiveness to it.
Sales were a bit slow with only a few which was the case with most vendors. I felt bad for my tent mates who didn't sell at all.
However, I did meet some really nice people and only worked it for a few hours which was pretty sweet.

In the midst of prepping my items the past few days which was mostly tagging, pricing and staging I managed to make a new sundress for S.
I know, I know I'm addicted to making clothes for my daughter.

Today I snapped these photos of her running around in my parents yard where we celebrated my Dad's birthday.
This style of dress is so carefree and fun. The pattern instructions are from Weekend Sewing and the fabric is from her Far Far Away line.

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misako mimoko said...

Hi Nancy!
Hope it was a nice day! Although those slow sales.
Scarlet looks so cute with her lovely dress, I had some of them when I was a child. I love this style dress too.

Wish you a wonderful summertime!
eva x