Friday, February 2, 2007


I've been excited about needlecases and needlebooks lately. You might say that I'm a bit excitable about a lot of things which would totally be true especially if it concerns making things. I'm thinking of making more of these but using another pattern or making up one as I have needles of many varietites- sewing, embroidering, beading, darning so at least 4 pages.
This is called a Valentine needlecase and it is from the Patternbee website as was yesterday's project post. I made it from 100% wool and I think it is darling. Here is a look at the inside.

and take a look at this one.

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Patty (again) said...

I made this needlecase too but in a greenish blue. I love it in red. Boy, am I glad I found your blog. :)