Thursday, February 22, 2007


I love to set up little objects together and create little scenes. A windowsill is a perfect place for my arrangements. A few of my favorites are the kitchen and bathroom windowsills. The dining room is another but I can't get over there now as I might wake the napping baby one room over.

The kitchen one shows some of my favorite salt and pepper shakers which are something I have been collecting for years and never tire of. Also, other little objects which I grow fond of make their way there - little butter dishes, a tiny suitcase, vintage creamers. There is always something about the kitchen for me - it is the easiest room for me to decorate. You know how when you have a party in your apartment people all tend to congregate in the kitchen even when you have spread out the food all around your place and the couches and chairs are very inviting. It's just the way it is. People love the kitchen.

The bathroom is also this way for me. I know that maybe that is strange but I kind of love our bathroom - minus the kitty litter box. We have an old claw foot tub and the color in our bathroom is this perfect grey green with gray beadboard and the original tile floor which is a bit beat up but loveable in an old way. I try to evoke a calm feeling for that room totally opposite of the kitchen which is super colorful and vibrating with energy.

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