Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Remember how I said I was trying not to buy yarn. Well, I confess I couldn't keep that promise. I made 2 trips in the past few days to my LYS and wouldn't you know it, I didn't even stick to the approved list .

It started because I was working on my third capelet (the green one) and I ran out of yarn to finish it. The yarn is a little off but I think it's still ok. It is a bit lighter and less yellow-green. There are no dye lots on Manos yarn plus, the first skein of it I bought quite a while ago and I didn't want to search around for an exact.

Can you imagine if my next baby or babies (once I decide to get pregnant again that is) turned out to be triplets and were girls and wore these in some super fancy triplet pram.....oh my.

Then I was going to buy a dress pattern and cotton for that but, they didn't have the pattern in stock yet so I held off buying that yarn but, then 5 more skeins showed up in the basket. Oh boy, I guess this is one addiction I still have to work on. At least most of the skeins I bought I have projects attached to.

Of course, I've also decided I want to make a bolero from light blue Rowan Kid Classic but since I don't have a pattern yet I controlled myself.

So there is a little pat on back. I'm not that bad, am I?

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