Saturday, November 10, 2007

vintage notions and thrifting....

I love working with vintage and second hand notions. These ric-rac labels are from a work in progress I will show soon...hopefully tomorrow but, most likely on Monday. I love the graphics, the fonts and the quality of the materials. Don't you just love the illustrations of the women on The Silhouette and Penimaid labels?

I bought a lot of ric-rac off ebay recently which you can see over there on the right under 'Thrift Store Finds.'

Unfortunately,I don't get to go thrifting as much as I would like. I used to go weekly. Plus, the thrift store in town and ones close by are not so good or get picked over by employees or something too fast. Or maybe I just don't go enough. I like going to garage sales and stoop/gate sales as well though I haven't had much luck this year. I did miss out on a great lot of fabric this summer or at least that's what I was told by the seller because I was too late. What a tease that lady was!

At least I've got Ebay.

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