Sunday, November 25, 2007

striped garter stitch scarf

I began this scarf (idea from Needlebook- mine is a little shorter) on Thanksgiving night and finished knitting it in bed this morning while sipping my tea and munching my Mama's cranberry nut loaf and then sewed my ends in at the nail salon late this morning. I then stopped in for a latte (decaf for me) at my favorite local coffee shop and chatted with the weekend girls that work there -Strawberry and Heidi. I'm hoping for a walk in the West Village this afternoon if Little M wakes up soon enough. He fell asleep for nap very late. Dada doesn't follow schedules as well as Mama and put him down late.... tsk tsk Dada. Oh, like I should should be complaining.... I was at the nail salon getting my toes done while the boys were at the playground.
Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

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