Tuesday, November 27, 2007

totes for the little ones

I decided to do some applique with fabric and stenciling for 4 of the little ones in our lives for Christmas. I bought the totes at Michael's and used heat n' bond to applique the fabric pieces on. The stenciling was done with carefully cut letters by Mick and then painted using the freezer paper stenciling method. The three stenciled ones are for three of my nephews- Jake, Brandon and Javier. The bird tote is for my niece Lillian. I had hoped to stitch around them too but, can't fit the piece under the sewing machine so I would have to take the canvas tote side seam apart and am not confident that I could do a superb job putting it back on with the sewing machine I have. I think the pieces will stay on okay but am debating putting fray check on the edges although I worry it might stain so I'm not sure. So...these are no-sew totes. If anyone is timid out there with the sewing machine perhaps you want to give this a try. Supplies needed- fabric, fabric paint, foam paint brush, heat n' bond, freezer paper and an iron..oh and of course a canvas tote. I kind of wish I just made the totes themselves so the whole project was handmade but there is always next time. Oh, and yes I still haven't gotten a new sewing machine but maybe Santa will bring something special although Santa still needs help deciding on the model which is really up to me you see.
These totes will be great to house their other gifts and for them to carry around their cars, toys, dolls and books with them when they are on the go. Little ones love to bring their stuff with them. I'll have to make one of these for my own little guy someday.


carrie said...

very cute! i love the little birds on the branch.

Marcia said...

Those totes are too cute. Thanks for the inspiration.

Amelia Plum said...

those are really cute totes. it's a great idea. you've got a lot of great craft ideas, I'd just have trouble finding time to do them all. I think the little birds tote is my favorite.