Tuesday, November 13, 2007

robot monster

Little M is turning 2 on Friday and I decided last year that I would make him something every year for his birthday.
I asked him whether he wanted a robot or a monster and he said 'Robot Monster' and so Shaggy was born.
I didn't follow a pattern and just made him up as I went along.
Little M knows that I finished him yesterday because I was telling Mick in front of him and he could see just a tiny bit of his leg peeking out on top of Mick's dresser and so he was imploring us to 'pick up' and 'look Shaggy.' I told him he has to wait until his birthday for his present. The funny thing is I don't know where he came up with the word shaggy and I think it's so cute that he already has named him.

Last year I made him a Wee Wonderfuls Bear which you can see here on my flickr. The bear also has his own handknit sweater and a felt scarf for the colder months.

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Dacia said...

shaggy is so super cute!