Wednesday, November 7, 2007

knit & felted bowls and clutches

Nesting Bowls

Heather Grey and Pine Forest Bowls

Clutches that are waiting for buttons

Yes, we did in fact go to Grammie's yesterday. The felting went fast. I think it was the heavy duty dishwashing liquid but, I'm not sure.
She fed us homemade organic macaroni and cheese and a good old fashioned salad 70's style for lunch. You know, iceburg lettuce, tomato, cucumber and that Italian dressing that comes from a packet mixed with oil and vinegar. Sometimes, I still like that salad even though I never make it like that myself.
Tonight is my night at the store and I'm off to give Little M dinner. And of course, feed myself and my belly.
See you tomorrow.


Amelia Plum said...

the cloches look great nancy! do you try to sell those at mackey blue too? i'd love to see them once they're finished with the buttons.

sew nancy said...

i am going to try to sell them there but, she wants at least one more or ideally 3 more.
we will see
i took pics today but the colors were off so i have to re-shoot them with their buttons