Thursday, November 15, 2007

candy cane and hot cocoa

Today Little M took a long nap (shh..he is still sleeping). It must be the gloomy weather and rain.
I worked on these for the shop (appliqued onesies).

and made some for Little M

and for the little girl on the way

Yesterday, I bought her first pair of tights. I couldn't resist. It will be one pair of hundreds I buy because I love tights.

Now, I'm sitting and relaxing and enjoying this. Hot cocoa with whole milk (yes, you read correctly and that is a big no no for me- I always do skim) and a peppermint candy cane. I love candy canes and peppermints. My Nana always had the round peppermints in her purse for me.

Ok, now he's up. You knew it was only a matter of a few seconds, right but, wow I got a lot done.

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Kloth & Bolt said...

very cool onesies! -kb