Friday, November 23, 2007

vintage dresden plate quilt blocks

I purchased this recently off ebay. It is a lot of 26 vintage Dresden Plate quilt blocks from the 1930's-40's. There is some machine piecing but, most were pieced by hand. They vary in size from 9 to 91/2 inches across. Some blocks alternate between just two prints and others are mix of lots of different prints.
I'd like to applique them and make a few different things. A lap quilt, a doll quilt and an applique on a skirt and/or dress. I'm debating between the various methods of applique and am looking for some advice. Do you think this would be a disaster with heat n' bond? Should I do freezer paper or fusible interfacing? I'm really inexperienced in this arena so any advice would be appreciated. I don't actually forsee myself doing this until next year at some point but, it is a project I am excited to try out.


Sarah and Jack said...

I wouldn't use heat and bond. If it *is* a disaster, you can never get that stuff back off.

If you are just going to applique it onto something, I would just pin it on and sew, but, I am a bit lazy about sewing and try to do the least number of steps possible.

Marcia said...

On something that is handsewn, I would hand sew the applique on or stitch in the ditch. What a lucky find.

sandinmyshoes said...

I would do "Needle Turn" Applique to stay with the "vintage" theme the hand piecing has going on myself.