Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I've been making necklaces a lot. I use plant dyed or natural merino wool and strung them on embroidery thread so that the length is adjustable. I needle felted these.
They would be perfect for either children or adults and I hope to be selling them soon. Scarlet has loved wearing these since I first made her one when she was little baby.
I also have this one in the shop right now and a few like that one in stock if you want one right away and it's on sale.

I forgot to mention my lovely new banner which I am completely smitten with and was created for me by Rebekka Seale who I have been blog friends with for a long time. I've followed her through several blogs and she is a very talented and sweet girl. Thanks again Rebekka!


michael ann said...

i just clicked over here from rebekka's blog and am so glad i did! those little felt necklaces are so sweet, i think i need one now... :]

Dacia Ray said...

you have busy over here! i love your felted necklaces. my friend makes me felted earrings that have similar balls. so fun!