Friday, April 1, 2011

stitching by the light of the moon

I have been spending my nights this week working away on my quilts.

I hope to finish piecing both my quilt tops this month but haven't yet made any decisions about the quilting design. I'm thinking about sending Stacking the Odds (above) off to someone who can do more advanced quilting with a long arm because I have only done straight lines and it is queen size. This quilt seems to call out for an interesting stitch pattern. Any ideas for me quilters? The plus quilt is coming along slowly and surely. I have some decisions to make about how much more I can do without running out of fabric. It' too hard to photograph in the attic but I have about 40 blocks give or take done.

I've been teaching the kids little rhymes this week and I am not at all getting bored of hearing them recite again and again.

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Sugar is sweet
and so are you

Happy April and Happy Weekend to you.
Can it warm up now? Pretty please.

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The Fabled Needle (Jen) said...

i admire your quilting diligence--i find it so hard to get started, the best part for me is picking out the fabric! i can't wait to see these.

i would gladly send you some of our heat your way if i could. ;) stay warm!