Tuesday, April 12, 2011

hansel and gretel skirt

A storybook skirt. Sometimes you hold onto fabric for a really long time thinking of all the different applications. And, then one days you stop fussing about it and just make something with it. So, a Hansel and Gretel skirt from the very popular free lazy days skirt pattern which I've made so many times before for Ms. S.


Anonymous said...

very cute skirt, actually the whole outfit is adorable. and i like the way the photos look too, do you have some special app on your phone that let the pictures look like that? little miss s is a lucky girl with all the bespoke clothing she gets

sewa mobil said...
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sew nancy said...

It's called Shake it Photo and it's like a pretend Polaroid. You shake your phone after taking the picture and it 'develops.'