Tuesday, April 19, 2011

my birthday

It was rainy. I ate an english muffin and a cappuccino for breakfast in bed.
I noticed Mick had bought me peach roses. I put on my Nadinoo dress, a friendly ghost and a sweater I knit with tights and oxfords.
We played with a giant red balloon and 3 red balloons with white polka dots.
Matthew drew my portrait.
My parents came to visit. They brought flowers, soap and a journal. They took us to lunch. I had a mocha and a brie, tomato and avocado on 8 grain bread.
I did some laundry
I went to the post office, the bank and then the nail salon to get my nails painted. I chose Passion by Opi. The manicurist complained about my nails. I explained I am very very busy with them and haven't been taking care of them properly.
I bought a dress.
I played dollies and ate a petit four. I had Matthew take photos of me. They were not bad photos.
I worried about my age. I am way too hung up about my age.
I vacuumed.
I went outside to look at my peach, cherry and apple blossoms while it was drizzling.
I ate hummus and pita chips from Trader Joe's. I cooked the kids dinner and encouraged them to eat it. A bowl was broken by a fork.
Mick came home. I opened more presents. Very nice ones. Maison Bouche chocolate, a gift card to Purl, a necklace from Tiffany and Co. and a candle. I never got a blue box before and laughed about it.
Mick and the kids sang happy birthday. The cake was homemade by Mick. It's apple spice with a goat cheese frosting. I never had goat cheese frosting before. It was good.
I read stories. I played dollies and bunnies some more. My eyebrow was rubbed by her little fingers.
I did some knitting.
It was my birthday.


jenn said...

it sounds like it was a lovely day...Happy Birthday!

kristi said...

i adore the way this post is written. age is only a number, right? it is all about how we feel about ourselves. i walked by the outside of purl when we visited NYC last fall, and i thought about how crazy awesome good it would be to go inside. they were closed so i didn't go.

happy birthday! xo

Amelia Plum said...

happy birthday nancy! it sounds like a beautiful way to spend your day. i agree with kristi about age only being a number. so what color is passion? i'm curious, i'm thinking deep red? nice blossom pictures too.

sew nancy said...

it's a pale sheer pink. I really like it.

misako mimoko said...

what a wonderful day you had.
I'm so pleased your friendly ghost was with you on this special date.
Your Nadinoo dress is so cute!!

Wish you lots of love! and don't worry about age ;)
hope you keep enjoying this beautiful time!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Nanc!!!
You had a busy day, sounds like fun.
Oh . . . to be your age again!!!
(your cousin)

Lauren said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Nancy! What a great post!