Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Last week I set aside a night to make a tutu.
I had four layers of tulle - pale pink, white, lavender, and light blue which is how I layered them when I sewed them together.
I used the directions from this lovely book. In the book it calls for five layers and 108" wide tulle. Mine was about 60" wide.
I had a wide satin ribbon which I left long for a big bow. This was worn the very next day to ballet class and she chose to wear it on the blue side. It is reversible. The blue side looks periwinkle and the pink side lilac because of the layers. It's really beautiful and so much fun. She loves it!

This would be a wonderful gift to make because tutus especially for little ones are pretty much the bees knees.


melissa said...

arrgh- this is so beautiful! now i think i will have to make one too. love the wide satin ribbon.
p.s. it would look gorgeous with the knitted cardy from the previous post don't you think?

Dacia said...