Thursday, March 3, 2011

stacking the odds, + one

Two quilts I am pretty excited about. No, I haven't finished the cathedral windows or any of those others I started (not that I've even shown you those ones) but, I think I see these two getting completed by the end of Spring and since it hasn't really started yet I would say that's doable.

One I got started cutting and piecing. I am not using a pattern here and I'm just basing it on a photo but it seems to be working pretty okay. Quilting with all it's precision and all these corners is hard for me but at the same time fun and the colors are just amazing. I'm using City Weekend.

And, the other one up at top is waiting to be cut. All the shapes are traced so that's truly a start and there is a pile of fabric. It's going to be Stacking the Odds by Denyse Schmidt

You see I also have clothing on the brain but, even more so that a new season is almost upon us and knitting...well there is always knitting to be done. I can't not knit.

I need more hours in the day.

Edited to add: I have ripped out most of the City Weekend quilt and pieced most of it back in a whole new way. Thanks to Himoko for letting me know a much easier and efficient way to piece it. I just wish I knew this in the first place. Oh well!


melissa said...

your brain must be constantly buzzing with artistic projects! i like it :)

Anonymous said...

the fabric is beautiful! i can't wait to see your finished quilts--i wouldn't even know where to begin!

LeeAnn said...

I'm in love with this design and have been itching to cut into some vintage feed sacks to make a quilt. I think I settled on this design. So what is the more efficient way to sew it together?!?!