Wednesday, March 16, 2011

sun hats for the boy and girl

Two sun hats from Little Things to Sew. They are reversible but I like these sides better.
Ms. S has a Liberty of London floral with a reverse to pale peach and Little M is wearing a thin stripe in shades of blue yellow brown and white with a reverse to yellow.
I like the structure that sewing circles around the brim gives the hat she is wearing and I may go back and do that to M's.

I keep doing lots of small projects to give me the satisfaction that I am completing something as I work on several bigger projects.


Anonymous said...

Very cute
What's the pattern? I'ld like to make one for myself

Anonymous said...

Opps! the above comment is from me, your cousin Cathie

Amelia Plum said...

those hats are adorable, i like the fabric patterns on both of them. and little miss s has a jacket i wish came in my size. too cute.

sew nancy said...

Hi Cathie,
The pattern is from Little Things to Sew but Lotta Jansdotter has a nice pattern for adults in one of her books.

melissa said...

gorgeous!! love the fabrics you chose.