Tuesday, March 29, 2011

1977 dress in progress

This dress is from a vintage Simplicity pattern I had published in 1977 hence the name.
I don't feel quite done with it something with the sleeves. I mean they are supposed to be like that but they look uneven and i'm not sure I like them quite this big. They are really big!

I might do an elastic at the hem and just make them puffy sleeves. The pattern calls for ric-rac at the hem and collar but wasn't sure I wanted to load on more but, I might add it at the hem. This was really straightforward to sew as most vintage simplicity patterns are in my opinion. I have a handful of vintage patterns in her size and want to make sure I try them out before it's too late. It really helps to be able to see it on a child. I actually tried this on my five year old boy too just to see the difference but ssshh don't tell.

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Amelia Plum said...

great dress. maybe if you cinch the bottoms of the sleeves to make them puffy it will work better? the color looks great with miss s's eyes. and i love your new header