Tuesday, March 1, 2011

the lonely doll dress

Playing Edith and The Bears is ever so fun especially wearing your Mama's lipstick and writing on the mirror.

This morning S and I played The Lonely Doll based on the wonderful story by Dare Wright. She wore a new dress I made for 'being Edith.'
Do you know this book?

Edith is the lonely doll who wishes ever so much for friends to play with and keep her company. And one day her wish comes true- two bears arrive. They are Mr. Bear and Little Bear. They go on all kinds of adventures together and have a lot of fun. They go to the park and to the beach. Little Bear and Edith sometimes go too far away alone even crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. One day while Mr. Bear is out Edith and Little Bear decide to play dress up. Edith puts on a hat and lipstick and Little Bear scrawls on the mirror, Mr. Bear is just a silly old thing. Mr. Bear catches them and is not at all amused. But, in the end Little Bear and Edith apologize to Mr. Bear, clean up and all is well again.

Whenever we read this at bedtime S and I put on our straw hats.

I loved making this dress which is an Oliver + S pattern called the Jump Rope Dress. It's an adorable style and a bit old fashioned looking I think. I made it in size 3 and it looks like it has some growing room.

-There was a little sewing problem at the end with the buttonholes which made me awfully sad for about an hour. I wiped away my frown and figured out a solution.
When I made the buttonholes it was a bit late in the night and silly me thought it was a good time to do them (not) after all I've done them quite well dozens of times. What I didn't realize was that the needle was a bit loose and that I placed the placket under it too close to the edge so they came out untidy. To try to ammend the situation I decided to do this:
I made a band aid piece ( cut a small square) to sew over and disguise the bad buttonhole on top and am leaving the top button open. The middle one is the only one that is in use (still too close to the edge but hopefully holds up) and the third one is sewn shut. Instead of worrying endlessly about the dress not being perfect I've decided to just let it go and make the best of it. These imperfections sometimes happen. You learn from your mistakes just like Edith and Little Bear though I don't think it was all that bad what Edith and Little Bear did. I can think of a lot worse. So now I am taking lessons from a doll and a little bear.

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misako mimoko said...

I love the lonely doll books too!!
and this post with your lovely daughter is so much fun! so cute!! :)
this dress looks beautiful, no matter buttonsholes or anything!!
have a wonderful week!!!