Friday, March 2, 2012


This pincushion project hails from Natalie Chanin's Alabama Stitch Book and the design was based on one passed down by her grandmother. The story is that her grandmother got hers at a church bazaar and inside was this poem.

I'm an Arm Chair Caddy, a very handy tool you'll see. Put your thread and scissors in my pocket, pins and needles in the middle of me. When you are finished sewing, fold me up as I am. Put me away 'til next time you need a helping hand.

So sweet.

I purchased it as a kit from Alabama Chanin quite a long time ago and I really enjoyed the process of the project especially cutting out the shapes to reveal the fabric underneath. I'm happy to have it made so I can bring it around with me as I do often carry projects around the house to try to sneak in a stitch here and there. The pockets are weighted with rice and cotton batting is used in the cushion. I think this would be equally nice in other fabrics with or without the stencils.
It would be really gorgeous in a pretty floral don't you think?

Have a nice weekend friends.


Jenniffer said...

The idea is genius! Love how yours turned out- and yes, a pretty floral would be wonderful as well! Really like the design- what a useful project. Something else on the 'to make' list!

Elizabeth said...

This would be so handy! I'm always needing someplace to put my threads and small scissors when I use them in the living room. Yours turned out really nice!

Dacia said...

I am just realizing that my mom has one of these. It's in a crazy 70s brown stripe that I've always thought was hideous, but weighted just like this. I'm not sure she knows it was meant to use over the arm of furniture though! I've never seen her use it like that. How funny. I doubt hers has the fab poem either. :)