Friday, March 9, 2012

upholstery class part 1

After expressing interest in upholstery and seeing that there was a class at the adult school in town my husband signed me up as an early birthday gift.

I have now been to 2/10 classes and have managed to completely pull apart the footstool and start to put it together.
I can not believe how many tacks I have pulled out of this little piece of furniture. I do not lie when I guess it would about 300-400 tacks. I am now using my magnetic tack hammer and staple lifter with some level of experience. My teacher Johnny informed me I was baby'ing my piece and told me to lift the tacks assembly line style. He is a quiet, nice older man and called us all experts from the get-go so you see he has a sense of humor.

current state of stool

before shot



ripping apart in first class- photo taken with iPhone.

At the first class he showed us all the tools and told us what we needed to buy. Many of the students had already been to previous classes there and were just ripping their pieces apart. I thought here goes and borrowed a few of the teachers tools and just started pulling it apart. It felt empowering (ha) because I really don't use tools other then a hammer and a screwdriver very occasionally.

The pictures show the stool as I've had it for about 8 years, some of the ripping apart, staples and my poor hands which are already abused from winter and my handcrafting and a few of the upholstery tools. It looks like a rat chewed on the side of this piece

The footstool is from the Elephant's Trunk flea market in CT. I was only there once but, it was a pretty good flea market. I really miss going to them and hope I get to a few this year.

I am fretting over fabric decisions. Dare I say this will be the hardest part for me?

What I had to purchase-

Upholstery Kit
webbing (shown)
1 yard of burlap
roll of cotton
1" foam rubber
4 yards of double welting cord
fabric 1 1/2 yards- still deciding

I am hoping if all goes well with this piece I will be able to start a chair during the course.


The Hojnackes said...

Taking it all apart is the worst part! Luckily, my husband helps with that. It hurts my fingers so much!

Amelia Plum said...

i so envy you! i've been wanting to take an upholstery class for years. i see so many great pieces at thrift stores and think if only i had the time, money and skills to reupholster that couch or chair. where did you get your tools? i might have to regoogle pittsburgh to see if there's a class like this available in my neck of the woods. please post the after pics! sorry for bloody fingers, how we suffer for our crafts!

Elizabeth said...

I love upholstery! My mom once took a class at the local adult ed, when I was younger, and she did our whole couch. It was so fun to see it transform. Then she moved on to all the other chairs in our house. I think it can be addicting :)

I've only done my dining chairs, which isn't that difficult, but gives instant gratification.

Blaze said...

I can't wait to see the finished product! I wish I had the skills for reupholstery! You can make anything brand new!

Dacia said...

oh how fun!!!

sew nancy said...

Amelia Plum

I got the tools from Stanley Foam Co. as a kit. They are located in Wallington, NJ. I had them mail them to me and I got a little discount through the class.

Jenniffer said...

Your poor fingers!
I'm so excited for you though- what a wonderful skill to learn. I would LOVE to learn something like that! Can't wait to see your stool in the end!