Tuesday, March 20, 2012

green gingham shorts

Yesterday, it really was shorts weather.

Time for dirty knees and jumping off the rock in the yard or rather 'Misty Mountain' as the kids call it. The make up the best games.

Every Spring it never fails I fall head over heels for green and pastels and bright colors and even neon this year. It must be that we are programmed to incorporate what happens in nature into our everyday lives.

New shorts with pockets. Puppet show shorts pattern by Oliver + S in green gingham cotton lawn.

She is into fashion shows now. I wonder where she gets this idea? :)
I think we will have a S fashion show week here on the blog since she modeled a few other items for me yesterday.


Jenniffer said...

Your model is pretty darn cute!
Love the shorts- want a pair for myself, but I won't be wearing any for quite awhile- rain and snow here this week!

Dacia said...

these are adorable! fashion shows, huh? ah to have a girl!!

Dacia said...

ack! this is so so cute!