Wednesday, March 7, 2012

raspberry wool tunic/dress

A knit dress (or tunic) in a very pretty shade of red like a berry stain with a bit of pink in it. The yarn is from a Sheep and Wool festival a few years back and it is a plant dyed merino wool. It had no tag so I was unsure of the yardage which is why it came out a little shorter then I wanted. This is not a problem because she sits criss cross apple sauce at school and this also makes it easier for active play which as we know four year olds are very good at.

The dress is one I have knit for her before. This is the third now and I like it very much. It fits a long time and just becomes a top. A very simple knit with a fast result and one I know she likes to wear over a cotton tee and leggings.

Here are the other two I've made.


Blaze said...

I love these dresses! That berry red is one of my favorite colors! And what a darling model! :)

Jenniffer said...

I really love each color you have done. She looks darling in the berry red with all the brown. Lucky little girl!