Monday, March 12, 2012

working in the greenhouse

I officially became a member of the garden club in town a few months ago. I had been going to the meetings on and off for a few years and it really is a stellar club. Now that I am 'in' I get to do volunteer work. Every May we have a plant sale and in March they have potting up parties in the greenhouse.

On Saturday morning I headed to the greenhouse near town hall. I potted up a few different plants- astilbe and many varieties of coleus. It was a lot of fun working there and chatting with the ladies and gents while keeping warm ( it was rather chilly on Saturday morning) and getting my hands in the dirt.

I kind of want to go back right now. It's such a nice place to be. I hope to rent space in one of the three houses to start up seeds next year. I missed out this season.


Jenniffer said...

What a neat opportunity! I love your pictures- the colors are so pleasing. I don't blame you a bit for wishing you were back there. :)

Blaze said...

Beautiful photos! I just love images of soil, new plants, greenhouses! They inspire me to plant!