Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I had a bit of an unplanned sewing spree this past weekend. I also succeeded in messing up what was an earlier attempt to clean my sewing room (ahem).

Anyway, I have been wanting to sew up some Fall/Winter clothes for Ms. S and discovered I had enough of the Liberty Cord from this dress to sew up a skirt.

Then I got distracted from clothing and decided to sew up some totes and made matching totes for my girl and I. Hers is to carry her ballet clothes (first day of ballet after summer break is today) and one for me to carry my knitting with me. The one shown is hers and it's a bit smaller then mine with shorter straps naturally. I had some blue upholstery weight corduroy like material I picked up several years ago to use for the base and since I was feeling flowery I paired it with this beautiful cotton seersucker Japanese print. Since the print was lighter in weight I first had to back it with a cotton so it would be sturdy and hold up to the wear since it is at the bottom of the bag and also work with the weight of the other fabric. I also used this print on a chair this summer in fact it is the one I am sitting in to type this up.

There is one more set of match items I made for us two girls and I will show them soon but she is up to something sneaky right now and I must run. She says she is doing 'nothing' which usually means 'something.'

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Jo said...

I love love love the skirt! <3 The fabric is gorgeous!

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