Monday, September 12, 2011

hot air balloon

S and I are really into this book right now called The Secret Circus..
In the story there is a very tiny circus that only the mice know how to find and on the cover there is a hot air balloon flying around Paris with mice in the basket. The artwork in this book is wonderful and the whole vintage feel of old Paris comes through in the illustrations.

It got me thinking about trying to sew a hot air balloon to hang in her room. I feel like I may have seen something like this one sewn up before and figured it would be easy enough so I drew up the pattern quickly for the shape and then sewed them all together leaving one side open to stuff and then hand sewed it up. The basket is connected with fishing line and I sewed some line to the top for hanging as well.

Well, it wasn't as easy as I thought to get it just right but, now that I have tried it I could see where I could tweak it and a few slight changes I would make. I weighted it with a smooth stone at the bottom.


Lasso the Moon said...

This is beautiful. What a sweet idea.

Jenniffer said...

Super cute idea! Lucky little girl :)

melissa said...


Dacia said...

that is so lovely! do you think you might write up a pattern/tutorial?

jen said...

i heart this so much!