Friday, September 9, 2011

little girls western style

I knew it was going to be too big but, then second guessed because it is a loose style. I am referring to the dress from Little Girls Western Style by Yuki Araki.
I didn't realize when I cut it out but when I started sewing it a few months ago I knew so it sat.
I kind of figured this was a trial dress from the beginning not because it is hard to sew but because I believed I would need to alter the pattern which is in Japanese which you know makes it harder because I don't know the language. What I wished afterwards was that I didn't serge the seams because I think I could work with it.
I had already narrowed the sides but it looks like they could get narrower and the apron wrap needs to come up higher. Oh, and a few inches need to be cut off the bottom.
Hmmm, maybe I should just start from the beginning again and save this one for later.


Jenniffer said...

Well, regardless of the frustrations, it looks really cute.I really like the fabric.

the fabled needle (jen) said...

i love the print and color combination you chose!

for me, that's one of the drawbacks to serging seams: the difficulty of altering later on! one i used to work in costume shops, we serge the seam allowances before sewing up the seams. that way you could take it in/let it out later (which is especially important if you rent out the costumes). the only time i do that though is when i'm working with a seam where a zipper will be installed. otherwise i'd be concerned about the extra bulk.