Wednesday, September 28, 2011


It's finally finished. I mean I feel like I have been working on this a long time but, really it was about a month. I know I didn't tell you about it so for you it's brand new.

I should preface this by saying I don't wear vests but, this one! Well, I really fell for the design.

What is embarrassing about it is that it's a bit too long so the two cables that are supposed to hit at the waist don't. Especially embarrassing because the book it hails from is all about getting your sweater to fit right. I measured though the one measurement I didn't take underarm to waist is where the problem came up. I swatched and went down one needle size. I had a hunch when I was knitting the back which is done first but, then I measured and it wasn't off by that much. I now realize I should have taken that hunch and skipped quite a few rows. I am of average height 5'4 1/2" but I have a short waist and most likely a short upper body.

Okay, so after all that explaining I can still say I will wear it. A friend suggested wearing it with a leggings. I'm contemplating trying to shrink it in the dryer. What do you think? I really just need to shrink the top above the cables. Making things by hand takes patience and trial an error and the lesson I learned with this is to listen to my inner voice because if I did that it would have been perfect. I also think I could have gone down one size which I often find with sweater patterns with the exception of a few designers like Ysolda.

The wool I used is Quince and Co. Lark in Peacoat. I'm really happy I chose navy. You can see more photos of what this looks like on Ravelry or Ysolda's blog.


Anonymous said...

I like the sweater being long and I agree leggings and navy blue is the new black in my book. xLuna

Dacia said...

ack! that is adorable! i love it the way you're wearing it and i don't think i would shrink it.