Tuesday, September 20, 2011

into the woods satchel

A satchel for Matty was made since he loves collecting and we no longer want to find acorns in the washing machine from his pockets;)

Plus now we can have room for rocks. He brought home at least 10 rocks and lots of leaves from our walk in the woods the other day.

I used denim and lined it in a rusty orange and white dot cotton. I measured him for the strap and then as an afterthought decided to sew on a yellow felt leaf.

The smile on his face when I gave it to him made me melt. I love when simple things like this make my children so happy. Also, how giddy and full of life they become in the woods which we are lucky to have close by.


Jenniffer said...

This is really cute- good idea to use for gathering, and it's so neat to see him 'enjoying in action'! I tried to make a similar sort of bag a few years back, but really screwed up the handles and it doesn't work too well. I am definatley not a 'sewer'- but enjoy seeing what the real 'sewers' come up with.

melissa said...

that's so lovely. your boy looks like a lot of fun.

Dacia said...

that is soo soo super cute and sweet!!