Monday, August 15, 2011

blue dress

This blue hand knit dress came off the needles over the weekend. The pattern I used is called Big Sister's Dress which also has a little sister version by Tora Froseth.

I used the color Bird's Egg by Quince and Co. in Chickadee which was a nice match for the pattern. It's a simple knit but with the pretty yoke has a nice texture and design element. I added the floral shell buttons as a decorative accent. I knit this in size 4 and it has plenty of growing room which should allow for wear for several years.


Dacia said...


Amelia Plum said...

such a sweet dress and it matches miss s's eyes beautifully. i envy her that wavy white blonde hair. do you or mick have hair that light when you were young?

sew nancy said...

Mick had the blond hair and I had the curls.