Thursday, September 30, 2010

storybook cape and muff

So, this is the last bit of clothing that was finished during the Kids Clothing Week Challenge. It is the storybook cape and muff pattern found at BurdaStyle and designed by Grosgrain. Go ahead and click the link so you can see how absolutely adorable it looks on a little girl since i haven't gotten the chance to take a photo of S in it. I am happy I went with the green even though part of me wanted to make it in red. It's a sturdy cotton with a lighter cotton lining and it's completely reversible. The muff is lined with organic cotton fleece.
The only thing missing is a clasp at the top. I think I may just add a bit of ribbon for tying. We'll see.

I've started on the 2 + 2 pleated skirt that goes with this blouse in red and made some pillow covers from the other two sashiko pieces which I will show soon. Also, slowing working away on my sweater. I think it's taking long because I'm dreading the finishing.

Unrelated - I've taken up exercise about a month ago and joined a gym which means I am now running, doing yoga, pilates, zumba and all kinds of other crazy things. Very exciting but, unfortunately means I now have to wear more gym clothes which I despise. I must buy some cute ones (is that possible) but, I don't want to.

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