Thursday, September 16, 2010

sashiko pillows

Last year I started on some sashiko pillows. You may remember them. I have completed four altogether. The last one I haven't yet shown here is a repeat design but in a new thread color.

I finally decided that pillow cushions would suit me better then wall hangings. I made two of the cushions on Monday and will complete the other two once I purchase the pillow forms so you will be seeing them shortly. For the backings I used an envelope style which is two pieces of material folded over and for strength and sewn on the fold and overlapping by a few inches. I always make my covers a bit smaller then the cushion itself so they are nice and snug.

For the rose colored cushion I used a deep red cotton sheet that I had left over from a quilt backing and for the white cushion I backed with some Liberty of London that I had left over from a blouse I made myself earlier this year.

What's nice also about this style of cushion cover is that it can easily be removed for washing and can be switched out with different covers.


Erica said...

These are beautiful! I have admired the Sashiko kits that Purl Soho sells online. I have been kind of intimidated to try it though. Is the technique difficult? Your pillows are very cool. I love the Liberty fabrics on the back!

kristi said...

do you make up your own pattern or is it kind of like sewing along dotted lines? so pretty.

melissa said...

um, wow! these are beautiful and look so well made.