Wednesday, September 8, 2010

flower and dot quilted playmat

This project is taken directly from the Purl Bee using the exact materials. It is called the Cheerful Quilted Playmat.

Though my daughter is two and not really a baby anymore this did not stop me from making it for her. I think a playmat like this one serves it's function beyond those infant stages for all kinds of play and it also looks nice sitting on a crib or bed.

It was a project that took 2 days. One night I cut and sewed the pieces together and the next the hand quilting which was so lovely with the silk thread. I really like the pattern, texture and play with color. The thick batting makes it really nice and thick. The pink pieces are Nani Iro's Linen Blend Poster Fleur and the Grey is Kiyohara Canvas Dot.

I was thinking recently about how our eye reacts to color and how people interpret color in their own way. How we develop a certain liking for one color and completely dislike another. I don't think of myself as a pink person per se but then I notice I do actually really like it in certain hues. My daughter is quite fond of pink but then she almost equally loves brown which really surprised me at first. It's very interesting to learn what colors people like. I love gray and red so this makes a lot of sense that this project attracted me. Also, that my sons middle name is Gray and my daughter is Scarlet.


Erica said...

I adore this playmat! I love nani iro fabric! This is beautiful!

kristi said...

wow. this is beautiful, nancy. i've never thought about the whole color thing and how it might be woven subconsciously like that. i'll have to start paying more attention to that. xo

Amy said...

the playmat is so pretty! i don't think of myself as a pink person either, so it surprises me when i fall for something that has pink in it. it does work really well with the gray (which i love)

Drop Stitches Not Bombs said...

Hot pink and pale grey is such a chic combination, on a beautiful playmat! I love names associated with colours as well - I think if I ever had a daughter I would call her Violet or Emerald.