Monday, September 20, 2010

Kids Clothes Week - Day 1- Cozy

This year I've been experimenting a little bit with knits. I received a serger for my birthday back in April and this was one of the first projects I used it on.

I made these pajama pants for Matty back in June which I never got around to writing about. This fabric has monkeys doing karate on them and I thought it was a cute print for him. He only wore them a few times before it became too hot for long pj pants but is now wearing them a lot. The pattern for these is from Oliver + S. I didn't have enough for the top so he wears them with a tee shirt.

Yesterday, for the kids clothes week challenge I decided I wanted to try making leggings for Scarlet as she loves wearing them and is outgrowing a bunch of the ones she has and they worked out perfectly. I just traced around a pair that she has adding a little room for the seams. These were so much fun to make. The jersey is organic cotton and really lovely to work with. I will be making more of these.

Working with knits at least easy pieces like these was a good experience though I'm still working on serging evenly.

The monkey fabric came from The Fabric Fairy and the legging fabric from Alabama Chanin.


Erica said...

Very cute! I have been thinking about attempting to sew with knit ever since I discovered that City Weekend was going to come in knit. How difficult is it to work with? I do not have a serger. Do you think it would be difficult on a standard sewing machine?

sew nancy said...

It's different but not terribly difficult. I haven't tried knits on a standard sewing machine but, I think zig zaging the seams would be better then pinking if you try it. Good luck.

Amy said...

Very cute! I want to work with knits this fall. I have a really cute fabric that I had for a year!