Saturday, September 25, 2010

Kids Clothes Week- Day 6 - Miss Madeline Dress

Look at this pretty dress. It's beautiful.

This is what Scarlet said when she saw this dress.

After at least an hour of staring at my fabrics and trying to pick one I kept hearing a little voice in my mind. The little voice was hers. I thought about the clothes that I think make me look beautiful and the ones I choose to wear. I wanted to make a dress that she would fall in love with. And, she did. While sewing I kept thinking maybe I should have chosen another fabric and second guessing myself but, in the end I think it does look pretty adorable. A perfect dress for running though the park, pretending you are Little Miss Muffet or maybe a trip to the bakery because it does look like the type of dress to wear while eating a cupcake. The vintage hankie/apron just makes it extra sweet. And, now that she has a pink dress there will be no more;)

I have made Miss Madeline before. Do you remember?

I love the look of the original one I made. It's sort of Pennsylvania Dutch. My husband calls it the Amish dress.


kristi said...

oh nancy, you kill me. i swear. i can't believe how you just churn out thing after creative thing. you really are one of a kind. xo

Amy said...

Oh my! This is beautiful too!

Dacia said...

this is so cute!!