Monday, October 4, 2010

vintage finds from the weekend

Navy double breasted dress
Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti

-This looks really good on and I should be modeling it for you because I can't get a decent shot of it. I need somewhere to wear it soon. Back to school night? Ha Ha. Sorry this is my silly sense of humor about my lack of going out.

Brown dress
Handmade, cotton, square neckline
This one I will shorten quite a bit.

a beaded coin purse

Plaid Wool Child's Coat with navy velvet collar and buttons.
Tailored by Rothschild of Philadelphia

I went to a fun vintage liquidation sale on Saturday morning thanks to hearing about it from a friend on Twitter. The woman was clearing out her online shop in her driveway and everything was $10 and under. I didn't go crazy but I did find some really nice things. I could have bought more but, you know I had to keep within a budget.

There was of course a line but, thankfully only 15-20 people waiting and some really went at it but, I sort of went through it calmly looking at most racks 3 or 4 times in case shoppers put things back or I missed something.

Of course since I didn't try things on two items are in the sewing pile to be altered or turned into something else entirely. I got 2 lovely dresses, a brown leather purse, a beaded coin purse, a wool plaid shirt for the Mr. which he already wore so that's a success, a winter coat for Scarlet that will fit a few years down the road and a white with red polka dots scarf.
A few of the purchases shown above.

Other highlights of the weekend: a bang trim, sunshine after too many rainy days, a trip to the farmer's market, a stop at one of my favorite bakeries, pumpkin picking, pony rides for Little M and Ms. S, watching the kids go through the hay maze and climb the hay mountain, chasing after my daughter who led me to playground to ride the swings followed by picking daisies. And, I finally finished knitting one sleeve of my sweater. Have I mentioned my dislike of knitting sleeves?

What did you do this weekend?

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Denise said...

I had a very similar coat as a kid, also a Rothschild, with a matching velvet hat and muff. I had an aunt who bought be very elegant clothes as a kid, I wonder where they all are? This weekend. I was so grateful for the nice day on Saturday I took a bike ride to the George Washington Bridge to see The Little Red Lighthouse (under the bridge on the city side) something I have been meaning to do forever.