Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Sadie is done.

This cardigan is knit in pieces and it was the first time I made one like this. There is a back, two fronts and two sleeves. The latter were set-in sleeves and were pretty different to ones I am accustomed to. Lastly, a band to pick up and knit and then piece it all together. Of course, let us not forget all those ends to sew in.

The sweater came out as I imagined and I only made a few simple changes: shortened both the length and sleeves (bracelet length) and knit the bow band a bit differently. It is a loose fit sweater with pretty eyelet rows and a bow to bring it together. I like the texture the eyelets create and the drape. The yarn is a wool/cotton blend and both the wool and pattern is by Rowan (Issue No. 40). The color is called Inky.


Amelia Plum said...

it's a really lovely sweater nancy. great name for the color too, inky that would be an awesome name for a cat. hope your sales are going well, on etsy and at the stores you put your pretty little things in. xox

Dacia said...

super cute! it's so hard to find cute black cardigans. I guess I'm always looking for ones that aren't too plain. too bad I can't follow a knitting pattern to save my life!

kristi said...


Elizabeth said...

Very pretty! I wish I could knit.